Company Name Daewon Marine Tech Co., Ltd
No. 60, No. 382, Noksan Industrial Complex, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Korea
Tel : 051-831-7540~3 / FAX : 051-831-7544
Year Established
Main Customers
Hyundai E & C, Daemyung Resort, Hanjin Heavy Industries, Hyosung, Samsung Heavy Industries, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, Korea Maritime Pilot's Association, marine leisure companies, government and public agencies, STX Marine Shipbuilding, Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology, the Korea Coast Guard, etc.
Organization Chart

Manufacturing Facilities and Equipment
scale of the factory : plottage(3,544㎡) total floor area(3,351㎡)
Hoist(20/10/5 tons), Fork lift, Dust collector (three phase-type high performance),
Mold loft, Constant temperature and humidity room (hot air blower), Compressor
Manufacturing Facilities
Vacuum pump, Woodworking machines, Hot-air blower, Foam processing machine,
Welding machine, Glass fiber cutter, Resin mixer, Multi-color gel coater,
Saturator (resin applicator)
Main Tools
Vacuum gauge, Vacuum leak detector, Thermo-hygrometer, Infrared thermometer,
Electronic scales (stand type), Electronic scales (for hoists)
Quality Control Equipment