03.01 Incorporated Daewon Marine Tech Co. Ltd.
06.01 Developed a new, exclusive 19- and 15-ton pilot boat model.


12.01 Constructed a new head office and factory (land area: 3,544㎡/building area: 3,351㎡), equipped with a constant temperature and humidity room, etc.


05.21 Certified as Inno-Biz of Technology Innovative Type Small Business
05.08 Applied for a patent on a non-exposed frame assembly method and work process of skylights for ships.


09.21 Awarded the Presidential Citation of Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Industry Promotion Division (first in the domestic production/commercial field).
12. Developed and delivered an A/L 12 m class bulletproof high-speed boat for Korea Coast Guard.  


07.20 Certified as KIBO Venture Business
12.06 Completed the development of Korean-type high-speed leisure fishing boat and started to export to the European market.  


03.28 Developed and delivered the largest 55 ft. chartering yacht in Korea.
12. The Company’s 28 ft. high-speed leisure fishing boat awarded "Boat of the Year" from the Busan International Boat Industry Exhibition.


07. The Company’s R & D Center was certified.
10. Awarded "Boat of the Year" for the Sail Yacht Division from the Busan International Boat Industry Exhibition


03. The Company’s 26 ft. WPH Blue way 26 awarded "Boat of the Year" from the Busan International Boat Show
05. The Company’s 26 ft. WPH Blue way 26 awarded "Boat of the Year" from the Gyeonggi International Boat Show.

Current situation of technique
Performances of Government-sponsored Development Projects
Intellectual Property Rights
  • Hull frame plate with rubber chips (2007)
  • Seed chest of retractable structure on an FRP ship (2007)
  • Vacuum molding injection system using semi-circular resin delivery channel and resin injection connector (2008)
  • A method of assembling a non-exposed frame of a skylight window and its working process (2010)
  • Rubber for buffering ships (2013)
  • Double sea water cooling pipes for disposal of marine engine exhausts (2013)
  • Table lift (2014)
  • Drill tools that can join FRP structures to submarines (2014)
  • Wake-tower for boats with engine protection (2016)
  • Yacht Keel (2016)
  • Planing Hull (2017)
  • Fishing Boats (2014)
  • Yacht Kill (2015)
  • Yacht (2015)
  • Coastal Fishing Boats (2016)
  • Leisure Boats (2016)
  • Leisure Boats (2017)
  • Cruise Ships (2017)
  • VERIA (2013)
  • Blueway (2014)
  • Status of FRP Molds-related Advanced Technology Holdings


    Vacuum Infusion Method

    Vacuum Bag + Resin Infusion Optimum amount of resin injection in vacuum, vacuum-pressing hardening


    Vacuum Bagging Method

    Wet Layer + Vacuum Bag Bubble and excess resin discharge, vacuum compression hardening