A frequently asked question


  • ■ The shipping division-Daewon MarineTec boasts the world's best technology and competitiveness in the construction of FRP ships, including mid- to large-sized government ships, conduits, fishing guidance management vessels, and domestic and international ferries.
  • ■ Leisure Business Department-Increased production technology through technology agreement with large overseas yachts companies, Korea's first luxury sales yacht and leisure boat is operating in Korea's largest leisure space.
  • ■ By entering the defense, general business division and domestic defense business, we have expanded our technology and completed the assembly of GRP submarine cover by large domestic shipbuilders, moving forward to the global market.
Ship Ordering

You can manufacture ships such as government ships, watercrafts, yachts and boats for your intended use.

Please e-mail me or call me to inquire and I'll be glad to let you know.